Military Health Testimonials

"I have been working for ACC Health for about 6 years. I feel very blessed to have found a job where I enjoy coming to work and working with a great group of people. The opportunities ACC has given me are immense, from temping in local offices, to working with our geriatric population, to traveling to provide quality health care for our military men and women, to working in our corporate office, all have been great experiences and adventures."

– Adrienna Pecos, Patient Health Coordinator ACC Health

"ACC Health is a highly competent, mission oriented, user friendly organization. From the business staff to the administrative personnel and providers, everyone is the consummate professional. ACC is always in place and ready to begin operations well in advance of scheduled start times and is invariably willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the event is completed to our expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with them. "

– Randall Hooper, 1LT MS-Operations Officer, New Mexico Army National Guard Office of the State Surgeon

"In the past 18 months we have readied and deployed 4 GAARNG Aviation units to OND and OEF, and are in the process of preparing a 5th. One of the biggest hurdles we have to clear to get any unit ready is medical readiness. As for this, the professionals from ACC Health have proved priceless. During our SRP process they are on time and target providing care and taking care of each individual soldier ensuring the soldiers medical readiness, which both protects my soldiers and provides a tremendous service for our country in yet getting another unit ready for the war fight. Thanks to your team for what you do for the GAARNG." "

– COL Brent Bracewell, 78th AVN TC Georgia Army National Guard

"The ACC team lead was excellent. Her attention to detail and problem solving abilities were well displayed during the event. Her tact is wonderful and working with her was a very pleasant experience. It is nice to be part of a team where there is obvious passion for this work, talent and work ethic demonstrated."

– Michael Rainwater SGT, Washington Army National Guard

"I am proud not only of the success demonstrated this past weekend in GA, but the dedication to task and level of compassion from EVERY staff member at the events. This type of compassion doesn't come from words or edicts in a comes from leadership Vision, at *all* levels: top-down/side-to-side. I thank *YOU* for what you do. Whatever "Disney Magic" fairie dust you sprinkle in your staff's coffee...keep doing it! Great work Team! "

– Captain Leif Rivera, Deputy Surgeon/Commander, Georgia Army National Guard

"As the Chief Clinical Ops Officer, I enjoy the immediate benefit ACC Consultants Inc. provides of on-location DENCLASS entry. This saves an inordinate amount of time, Soldiers are processed easier through the system, and Battalion/Brigade Commanders can rest assured that their dental FMR will immediately (and dramatically) increase within the next business day. No unnecessary treatments/ training distractors for Commanders while the Unit is conducting PTAE cycle; dental is done."

– Captain Leif A. Rivera, Chief Clinical Operations Officer, Georgia Army National Guard

"From the selection of dentists, dental techs, dental hygienists, administrative support, IT/data support, ACC Health Inc, provides true professionals that are knowledgeable in their field. Their knowledge is proven, not only in their overall orchestration, but in their final product; dental conversion rates that are greater than 95% per event."

– Captain Leif A. Rivera, Chief Clinical Operations Officer, Georgia Army National Guard

"Great experience, I thought the personnel were very polite and professional. Best cleaning I've had in years!"

– Jeremy Smith SGT.