About ACC Health

In the logistical onrush to accomplish the mission of both mobile and institutional dental and medical care—military and correctional—it's easy to forget what this is all about. The patients. ACC Health makes it a point to remember and we keep their treatment and dignity foremost in our minds. We've been providing compassionate care since 1990, and have a proven record of excellence, reliability and flexibility.

ACC Health began as a temp dental staffing agency. So people, both caregivers and patients, have always been the focus of our mission. ACC Health caregivers are fully invested in every patient. We take our commitment to them to heart. That means treating each of them as individuals and recognizing their unique needs and medical histories. It means playing a vital role in their overall well-being and making their experience with us a positive, healing one. For this reason we don't sub-contract any of our medical or dental healthcare. All service needs, and all staffing requirements, are met by licensed employees of ACC Health. It's state-of-the-art care made possible by-state-of-the-art portable equipment.

This combination of superior care, equipment and performance not only makes up our culture, it makes ACC Health the best solution for on location oral and medical healthcare.

Military Health Care Services

95% Conversion Rate

ACC Health has served our men and women in uniform with first-rate dental and medical care for over seven years. Our medical and dental teams are ready to provide compassionate care all over the country, ensuring that all branches—Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard—are medically ready. Learn more >

Correctional Health Care Services

Eliminate Transportation Security Risks & Expense

When correctional facilities need a dental service to provide for their inmates' needs, they call on ACC Health. We have the dentists, supporting staff, and equipment necessary to provide excellent care on location, thereby eliminating security risks and transportation expenses. Learn more >

Professional Staffing Services

24/7 Response Service

Our staff is your staff. We have everyone you need for temporary or permanent positions, from private practice to federal institutions. Our ready reserve of fully licensed, highly professional dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and front office staff is standing by. Just say now. Learn more >




Our fantastic teams working on our soldiers in Georgia!

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"I am proud not only of the success demonstrated this past weekend in GA, but the dedication to task and level of compassion from EVERY staff member at the events. This type of compassion doesn't come from words or edicts in a contract...it comes from leadership Vision, at *all* levels: top-down/side-to-side. I thank *YOU* for what you do. Whatever "Disney Magic" fairie dust you sprinkle in your staff's coffee...keep doing it! Great work Team! "

– Captain Leif Rivera, Deputy Surgeon/Commander, Georgia Army National Guard

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